Here it is, the main reason why #CapcoMonth was brought back in the first place. Monster Hunter Rise. Played by @kaitou_al, @apricotsushi, @data__error, @cursedblessing, and @capsulejay. I believe this is the most participants playing one game this year so far. Nowhere near the Phasmophobia record, but Rise did prove that there was definitely representation for the clear game of the month. @cursedblessing also played through Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, to give this month even more Monster Hunter representation.

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Resident Evil representation came out in full force this month. Resident Evil 5 was played in co-op by @SetosSweetHome, and @Smiles880. Resident Evil 3's remake was streamed by @capsulejay And thanks to the timed demos this month, the brand new Resident Evil: Village got to be played and streamed for #CapcoMonth by @apricotsushi, and @bunnycartoon. There was an attempt by @OhaiKrikket to play Resident Evil 4 on the PC. But she warns that this particular port of the game made her feel motion sickness.


So @OhaiKrikket went and played the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy. She got as far as the third case, but hey, at least she didn't feel sick trying to play it! This game was also played by @SetosSweetHome.  And finally, @OhaiKrikket played Dead Rising 2: Off the Record to end her #CapcoMonth. You can read more about her #CapcoMonth on the Nerd Girl Thoughts below:


In addition to the above titles streamed by @capsulejay, he also streamed the original Devil May Cry, and Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX. Like last year, Gunvolt counts due to the Inti Creates clause that makes it a #CapcoMonth eligible game. He might try to convince you that there are other games inspired by Capcom.....but nah, they don't count :) Just Gunvolt. Okay maybe Nina Aquila. But he's streaming that in May. 


@berrycrepes started Devil May Cry 5 last year, and guess what, she found the time to continue the game for this year's iteration of #CapcoMonth!


Finally, @mdiskplaylist played through Little Nemo: The Dream Master for his Gauntlet series. In an attempt to give the community game-along more fighting game love, he also played through Street Fighter V: Championship Edition, and was even able to play Marvel vs Capcom while doing the laundry!

This month's theme is brought to you by @apricotsushi