Dawn AKA Bunnycartoon started playing and streaming NieR: Automata after waiting so long to try it. She used #SciFiGameMonth as the motivation to start, and so far she has completed route A. As of this roundup, she is currently going through route B with no signs of slowing down. Lucky for her, 9S' route has plenty of shmup like action to segway into next month's theme.

Capsule, after weeks of "I think I'm close" tweets, finally finished CrossCode. Congratulations! He also managed to play and stream through the entirety of Super Metroid (his first time playing), with a 69% item completion score. Nice. Afterwards, he started playing Front Mission: Gun Hazard, which he will be continuing passed this month.

Cursed braved the X series for this theme. Playing through X2, then going through the PlayStation One Mega Man X games, and finishing the month with Mega Man Zero. It seems like the X games got worse with each release. But hey, what are we fighting for? Am I right?

Data, the one who came up with #SciFiGameMonth, played through Edge of Eternity which he started last month, but was lucky enough to continue in support of this month. On the side, he played the newest Ratchet & Clank, Rift Apart for the PlayStation 5. An amazing accomplishment considering how hard it currently is to get a PlayStation 5 these days.

Gideon, who worked on the fan translation of Front Mission: Gun Hazard being played by Capsule, played through Blaster Master Zero 3. He also played through ReCore, and The Ascent. He claims he played those without trying to tie into the Sci-Fi theme. But that's okay. There were lots of options for this theme after all.

Nitro, the one they call M Disk, recorded a playthrough of the game Pulseman which you can watch right here. Not the most Sci-Fi option, but Pulseman's origin story to him was extremely sci-fi enough. On the side, he started playing No More Heroes in honor of the release of the newest game. He also played through Fallout: New Vegas, determined to at least try the Old World Blues DLC for the first time, which he did successfully. 

Krikket managed to start two Sci-Fi titles. The relatively short Eliza, which she picked up in the February 2020 Humble Choice, and Ticket to Earth, which appealed to her due to how certain aesthetics came together. You can read all her impressions for each game here (for Eliza) and here (Ticket to Earth).

Styroteqe went purely on the old school classics route with the titles GAIARES, and Air Zonk. We don't believe this one has supported a Community Game-Along endorsed tag before, but we are grateful for every new supporter! 

Total Participants: 8

Total Games Played: 21

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