@cursedblessing of the blog zuckerl & zynismen supported #DatingSiMonth with classics like Imadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride, Meine Liebe on the Game Boy Advance, Dōkyūsei for the PC Engine, and the PlayStation Portable version of Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You. He also posted these helpful pictures to help those looking for a dating simulator among the fan translation circles. He has also declared that Otome games should also be called "Handsome boy temptation simulations." Because why not?


@mdiskplaylist (hey that's me) played through Arcade Spirits on the M Disk Gauntlet, and won the heart of professional gamer Queen Bee! I also gave away a Steam copy of the game, and @cattywampus__ was the lucky winner. Congratulations! She already started playing the game, and describes it as "delightful." It was also revealed that Arcade Spirits will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on May 1st. So if you're waiting to play something like this on consoles, you have a few months more to wait!


Arcade Spirits wasn't the only game @cattywampus__ played for #DatingSiMonth. She also used the occassion to support games like Monster Prom, and Hatoful Boyfriend. Thank you for adding to this year's Dating Sim archives!


@OhaiKrikket of Nerd Girl Thoughts played through a couple of very interesting choices this month. The first is Purrfect Date, which did not go as well for her, as outlined in this post. The second is an actual, official Elder Scrolls dating sim called The Smolder Scrolls Online....yes, this is a real thing that can be played on the official Elder Scrolls Online page. I was shocked to learn this too.


There was excitement, and even an aesthetic picture from @berrycrepes as she used this month to play the recently released Switch port of one of the PlayStation Vita's most critically acclaimed games, Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~


A brief shout out to #DatingSiMonth was given by @merissa_hino. She weighed her options, and when a friend recommended Bad Apple Wars, she seemed to go with that idea. It was enough for Bad Apple Wars to be included in this roundup. Regardless of any progress you may or may not have made, we are still grateful for your support.


@bunnycartoon of the Anime Nostalgia Podcast became a teacher for the Golden Deer house as her contribution to #DatingSiMonth. She took advantage of the fact that the game, not technically a dating sim, had gameplay elements where you could hook up with a wide variety of potential suitors....or just Claude (it was love at first sight), based on her initial reactions to the game so far.


And finally, the Chic Pixel's own @apricotsushi found time for one of her original CGA themes with the game Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama ~Flower & Snow~ for the Switch. She's been very busy as of late, but it's good to see that she was still able to support #DatingSiMonth.