Wow everyone, you made this year's #JRPGJuly...wait for it...EPIC to say the least. It would be really difficult to make a traditional roundup. So what I decided was instead of trying to give shout outs to each and every individual who participated, I would archive the "social feed" and "games" pages instead. 


This month, we saw the following: reviews, essays, videos, weekly roundups, celebrations, albums, and events. We got content from Game Maker's Toolkit, Geek to Geek Media, JRPG.moe, M Disk Playlist, RPGamer, Tales from the Backlog, and more. We also got some great video playthroughs from Azusaul, DrAbyss, Kalso 25, M Disk Playlist, and ShiroSeven. And if you want some new podcast shows to listen to AND you like JRPGs, check out Bill's JRPG Adventures, Don0rom, Dragon Quest FM, Every F'n FF, JRPGs and Me, and RPG After Years.

For the full social feed archive, click here!

You should also check out the community hub while you're at it. A lot has been added to the page through this month alone.

Over 100 different games were played by many different participants (too many to count). Best part is, the games played were a mix of classics, and the latest releases! It didn't skew one way or the other. And that's what makes events like these great to begin with, it's a celebration of games regardless of where they came from, and who plays them. 


If you want to see all the games played, and possibly find other like-minded gamers like yourself, check out the full list RIGHT HERE!



#JRPGJuly has stood the test of time since the Community Game-Along began. It has since been celebrated as a yearly tradition from places like RPGamer and the RPG After Years. Without either, #JRPGJuly wouldn't continue to grow, and remain the biggest event of the Community Game-Along. And remember, #JRPGJuly doesn't have to just last a whole month. I end this roundup with an insightful tweet from the first day of this year's event from @Stealth40k.


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