In response to this month's Black Lives Matter movement, @mdiskplaylist opened up a lobby for Community Game Along participants. And in this lobby, each participant equaled money towards Black Girls Code. With Nitro's lobby combined with @breakyboy's own contribution, the Community Game Along helped raise $73. Remember, whether it's on the news or not, Black Lives Matter. Always. Help if you're able.


@mdiskplaylist also played Diddy Kong Racing for his Gauntlet series, in what he describes as one of the more stressful playthroughs for the series. He and @bunnycartoon also discovered that one of the games contained in the new Clubhouse Games release for the Switch contains slot car racing, so Clubhouse Games officially counts as a #RacingGameMonth game!


Despite not being her forte, @OhaiKrikket managed to try out three different racing games. She outlines her bravery, and shares the suffering she endured in her Nerd Girl Thoughts post titled "#RacingGameMonth - A Story in Three Parts." 


@cursedblessing managed to sneak in some Chocobo Racing this month, a game featuring what he describes as a "pop-up book storyline." It may have been a quick run, but we still appreciate your contribution nonetheless

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See all these games above this text? Those are all contributions from the founder of #RacingGameMonth, @capsulejay! He managed to take the time to do a mini-review for each game he played RIGHT HERE. By the way, What the Golf was discovered to be a #RacingGameMonth by @flowersofmoss, so her contribution should not unnoticed. And I'm sure Capsule appreciated @marcusboi's cooperation during the Garfield Kart playthroughs as well. Made the game so much more.....ahem....enjoyable! Yes!

And speaking of the Geek to Geek Discord...


The Geek to Geek Discord hosted another Community Game-Along themed tournament for its members! The game members competed in this time, Super Mario Kart! The finals have not been scheduled just yet, but the winner will be posted once that race is finished. If you're interested in the thought of participating in tournaments of classic/fun games, or just want a fun and accessible place to meet other fun gamers, definitely join the Geek to Geek Discord.

This month's theme is brought to you by @capsulejay