Fire Pro Wrestling World
JoJo's Fashion Show
Pretty Princess Party

Capsule spent the entire month making his J-Mart the most fashionable trend in all of Style Savvy. He even got to do it while playing off a Nintendo Wii U! Because you can still play classic DS titles on it! 

Speaking of Style Savvy, or AKA Style Boutique as it's known inthe European territories, Cused played through this game mainly because he wanted to try out his niece's favorite game. Awww how precious. Hope you enjoyed it! He also took advantage of the JRPG rule of having your character look fashionable to suit your personal game style by playing both Monster Hunter Rise, and Tales of Zestria. I wonder if either will be played for #JRPGJuly....

Data spent some time playing Final Fantasy X-2, the one Final Fantasy game that totally epitomizes fashionable trends. He even wrote an article about it for Geek to Geek Media. You can read the article right here! He also made the valid discovery of Mario Golf: Super Rush being eligible this month due to the customizable Mii options. Specifically, the potential to dress up in "goofy plaid." 

Lovely of the Chic Pixel community tried out Alice Closet this month. If there is anything we should know about this game, it's that "the English on the store page is not great. [However,] the text in game...is a lot better." Thank you Lovely for your contribution and insight to this game.

Nitro played, and recorded a playthrough of Fire Pro Wrestling World (which you can watch here), because wrestling to him is the most fashionable "sport." He also found excuses to play through Tekken 7, and Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown because the opportunity to dress up the fighters automatically makes them Fashion Games. Finally, he survived the darker side of the moon to make Super Mario Odyssey a fashionable Mario game to play this month.

While some of us were finding fashion in whatever genre's we can, Krikket stuck with traditional fashion experiences with not one, but two JoJo Fashion Shows. She wrote about her fashionable experiences here and here. She also found time to play through The Sims 3. A classic life sim that pretty much screams "DRESS ME UP." So it totally counts.

And finally, Nintendo Force contributor Rebecca played and streamed Pretty Princess Party for the Switch, because fashion games are among her favorite types to play. Thank you so much for sharing your full experience with the game, and for your first contribution to the Community Game-Along. Be sure to give her a follow!

Total Participants: 7

Total Games Played: 14

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