There are two types of music games, as @mdiskplaylist shows this month. On one hand, music games are traditionally rhythm based, with games like Audiosurf and Bust-a-Groove. On the other hand, music games can be games where music is the main theme, with games like Transistor and Lunar: Silver Star Story. Bust-a-Groove was played for the latest M Disk Gauntlet episode.


Hatsune Miku was represented more than once this month. First by @cursedblessing with the game Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2nd, and second by @apricotsushi with her newest game, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix. Mascot for a future music game theme perhaps? Maybe if the demand for a music game theme is as strong for next year ;)


Did you know that Grasshopper Manufacture developed a Neon Genesis Evangelion rhythm game based on the Rebuild films, with a soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka? Well now you know it exists! And @cursedblessing played it for #MusicGameMay. He tried to progress through the game, but unfortunately got stuck on one of the tracks; turning the title of one of the films, You Can (Not) Advance, into a metaphor of his own progress through the game.


Chic Pixel community member mechturk (If you have any social media where we can find you, let us know!) found themselves "sucked up into the D4DJ hype train." Lucky for us, they took that hype train through #MusicGameMay!


 For #MusicGameMay, @Patricklous wondered what he would play for the month. But then he made an important revelation! He'd been playing ParaParaParadise every day anyway! Don't you just love it when things just naturally happen like that? To represent a theme with a game you had already been fond of anyway?


In his continued effort to stream at least one theme-related game on Twitch, @capsulejay chose Wandersong as his title for #MusicGameMay. His review over at Tales from the Backlog indicate that he may have enjoyed it. Read the review for yourself to see how much he enjoyed it.


And finally, @OhaiKrikket played through Distortions. But as it turns out, potential doesn't always translate to a fun gaming experience, as she indicated in her review of the game on the Nerd Girl Thoughts blog.

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