Clearly the game of the month was Cafe Enchante. Every game featured this month was played by one, except for this one. This game was played by @Data__Error@apricotsushi@berrycrepes, and @mayhapsbella. @apricotsushi even helped promote the game on an official stream by Aksys Games themselves!

@Data__Error also wrote an article about the game for Geek to Geek Media. Check out the article here; [Keywords] Cafe Enchante and Comfort Zones.

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Speaking of articles, @OhaiKrikket wrote two for each of her #VNNovember contributions for her Nerd Girl Thoughts blog; MMM: Murder Most Misfortunate, and Aviary Attorney

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@cursedblessing added three games to this year's #VNNovember line-up, showcasing the varying moods of visual novels; From deep and meaningful to silly and fun. Hashihime of the Old Book Town gets attention for being the one kinetic visual novel this month, meaning you're reading the visual novel from beginning to end straight through, without any branching paths.


At the tail end, @capsulejay plays through three visual novels, with Sound of Drop: fall into poison, one of the more terrifying visual novels, being chosen as the game he streamed on Twitch for this month.

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Other contributions to #VNNovember include Nicole, played by @SetosSweetHome (Who also was able to play through other VNs like Secret Little Haven, and Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth, thanks for letting me know of your accomplishments toward the theme :D). And Olympia Soiree, played by @EllieinJP


Finally, @mdiskplaylist played through Death and Taxes, and he recorded it for his Gauntlet series. Lucky for him, he was able to go through some of the game's most recent Halloween update midway through the game.

This month's theme is brought to you by @apricotsushi