@Capsulejay was at the top of his game (no pun intended, or was it?) this month on Twitch with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR games played this month. Sonic Mania, Ori and the Blind Forest, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (check out the amazing climax of the Giana Sisters playthrough here), and Rayman Legends. But he didn't stop there! After playing the games, he posted reviews of each game on his blog, Tales from the Backlog.

-Sonic Mania review

-Ori and the Blind Forest review


And speaking of Ori and the Blind Forest, @OhaiKrikket also took a shot at the game. According to her post on her Nerd Girl Thoughts blog, platformers "aren't really her jam." But she was willing to try! When the game became too much for her, she moved on to another platform title, Type:Rider. A unique take on the puzzle/platformer hybrid genre that tests your platforming and puzzle solving skills in a world full of typography. And guess what? SHE WON! Congratulations!


@BadoorSNK this month took on Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament for the Game Boy Advance. We don't know if he beat it, or if he progressed as far as he could. But we are grateful for the contribution (AND PICTURES) nontheless.


Player 2 writer @essieteric chose the 1995 classic Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, thanks to the Nintendo Switch's support of Super Nintendo games. She describes this as one of her favorites. One of mine as well. Hopefully you had fun reliving this game!

Rockin Kats-1280x800.jpg

@mdiskplaylist went with the obscure route for his Gauntlet series and played Atlus' Rockin' Kats. He also conveniently timed the release of a video about 90s Mega Man scores with the theme as well.


And finally, @felghanas declared victory for completing the puzzle/artistic platformer GRIS. Congratulations, and thank you for your contribution to the theme!

This month's theme was brought to you by @NealAkuma