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Chapter 2: super mario

bros. 3

Mario 1.png

Off and on I would play on the Nintendo, not really putting much thought into it. I was more interested in the latest Disney releases, or what cartoons were on TV. I don't remember much about the first few years of school, besides being "different" from the others. I lacked communication skills, but there were some areas where I exceeded the other kids. The most prominent one being my reading level. I knew my alphabet, and I knew how to read effortlessly while other kids my age were just beginning to grasp the concept of reading, or struggled. I even remember helping other kids learn how to read, that's how good I was. My parents read to me, and I do remember enjoying that. As for when and how I started to read on my own? I believe it started with Dr. Seuss books. It could have been others, but I do remember having a big collection of Dr. Seuss books that I enjoyed reading by myself.

Mario 2.png

I also remember being particularly attached to a strategy guide released by Nintendo Power for Super Mario Bros 3. It was their 13th issue, and it was an issue full of maps, secrets, and information to help anyone get through the game with ease. I don't remember how I came across it, or why I even bothered with it. But knowing me or my family, it was brought into my possession because it featured Mario, the symbol of Nintendo. I would read this guide every chance I had usually just to look at the maps. But if I wanted to learn how to get passed a difficult part, I would have to actually read what the guide had to say. Maybe that's where I developed my reading skills, with this guide. Little did I know at the time exactly how influential Nintendo Power would end up being on my life as a whole. 

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