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Forgotten Worlds

Composed by Tamayo Kawamoto

Forgotten Worlds was a huge undertaking for Capcom. Rumored to have a five million dollar budget, and a two year development period, beginning in 1986. It was Capcom's first arcade game using the CPS-1 board. The CPS-1 board would help Capcom develop games like Ghouls'n Ghosts, U.N. Squadron, Final Fight, Magic Sword, and Street Fighter II. It was a coin-operated vertical scroller with some role playing game elements incorporated. During the game, you could collect the in-game currency known as Zenny to help upgrade your abilities. 

Tamayo Kawamoto was a promenant composer for Capcom in the 80s, primarily working on their arcade games. She was also among the first set of employees hired by Capcom. Unfortunately, some games did not give her any credits (which was normal for Capcom to do at the time). Her first scores were for the game SonSon, and Pirate Ship Higemaru. She frequently collaborated with Ayako Mori, who was also a promentnat composer for Capcom in the 80s. 

Forgotten Worlds helped introduce Capcom to the hardware capabilities it would need to help make Capcom one of the most established arcade game companies in the video game industry. The game did not sell well, as it was too expensive to mass produce the chips needed for CPS-1 games. But that would not stop Capcom, as they would continue to produce games that used the CPS-1 board, leading to their monumental success with Street Fighter II. 

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