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Chapter 12: super smash bros. ultimate


The past, the present, and the future. That's how I've learned to appreciate the art of gaming, and that's how I learned to get through life. Learn from the past, live in the present, and prepare for the future. No other game at the time exemplified this statement more than this game. On the surface, it was a crossover fighter with various Nintendo characters, with a few characters from other properties thrown in there, like Solid Snake or Sonic the Hedgehog. But for me, the entire Super Smash Bros. series became a symbol of the kind of gamer I am. It represented Nintendo, which helped me get into gaming in the first place. It featured a major cameo from Sonic, a character on a system I played with at my best friends house. It featured a major cameo from Solid Snake, star of Metal Gear Solid, one of my favorite PlayStation games. It was a fighter that used its characters, stages, music, and bonus features to tell an abridged version of Nintendo's history. And it was fun. Pure fun. And ultimately (no pun intended), having fun has always been the most important part of my video game interests. Even the M Disk Playlist is about having fun. It was never about getting views, going viral, or becoming anyone famous. It was first and foremost about the fun of it all, and that is what the Smash Bros series represented to me far better than any other video game series. Ever since Brawl, I've gotten every future Smash Bros game at launch date. I do not do this with any other game series, because no other game acts as a museum of gaming better than Smash Bros did. It was always fun, but Brawl started the trend of blending fun with commemorating history for future generations.


I've played a lot of games, and I've been inspired by way more than just the games featured in this project for different reasons. The Super Smash Bros. series was the last to truly "influence" me. Out of all the Smash Bros games I could have chosen for Legacy, I chose Ultimate, as it represented the one Smash Bros game on the one system that perhaps best exemplifies my definitive gaming experience. All this means is that gaming cannot inspire me beyond how the twelve Legacy games already inspired. Now, instead of seeking inspiration, I simply seek new ways to enjoy games while simultaneously having fun with games. And that is how I define my Legacy project, something to express how twelve games managed to define who I am, what I am, and how I continue to approach video games and video game culture to this very day.

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