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I'm MDi, formerly known as Nitro, and this is the M Disk Playlist. I grew up with video games, and I've always wanted a way to publicly express my passion for the hobby. When thinking about how I could express my passion, the music in video games came to mind. Music has been instrumental (no pun intended) in expressing the stories being told in video games, and enhancing the fun they provide. The M Disk Playlist is named after an item you can find in Squaresoft's Xenogears that lets you listen to the games soundtrack at a specific point in the game.

The M Disk Playlist is about expression of my love for video games, and video game music. It originally began as a podcast about video game music. And while I had fun with it, and I appreciate those who came on to talk about music with me, the podcast format was ultimately something I decided wasn't how I wanted to express my passion. So in December 2017, I began to split the M Disk into two projects:

The VGM Primer, followed by its spiritual successor, Silver Age.

The Gauntlet.

And then when I introduced myself as MDi for the first time, a more personal project was born. The MDi Format. Think of it as a vblog for MDi. 


Occasionally there will be special projects I will work on under the M Disk name. For example, a special primer episode devoted to video game music from the entire 80s. And the Legacy project, a spin-off of the Gauntlet, featuring games that have influenced me the most.

So that's the M Disk in a nutshell. From games to game scores, I love them, and this is how I express my passion.

In 2020, I celebrated five years of M Disk, by creating a video that combines how M Disk originally started with the direction I took it.