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After all the exciting shoot em ups, and horror games, it is now time for the Community Game-Along's final main theme of the year, Visual Novels. Something more laid back to help cope with the stress that is the upcoming holiday season. Or, you can enjoy some creative adventure titles that contain strong visual novel elements. Or you can enjoy visual novels as just that; novels. No traditional gameplay required. Whatever the amount of gameplay you want, regardless of how much of it you want, you can count on visual novels to give you an incredible story to tell.

To participate, use the hashtag #VNNovember for any visual novel, or game with visual novel elements that you are playing, streaming, recording, writing, or even developing a game that fits the genre. You can view the roundup of last year's VNNovember for some examples of games you could play. The streaming page has a few examples....only a few though. But examples nontheless. And if you're really desperate, you can always look up Itch Io for some amazing (and sometimes free) visual novels.