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Love is in the air! Or do you just enjoy a platonic relationship in your video games? Either way, the #DatingSiMonth theme has you covered. Games that allow you to date/romance certain characters, games where romance is the central theme, or games where you can just go on dates to have a good time and nothing more. It's all covered, it's all good. Best thing is, games with romance elements aren't limited strictly to the visual novel genre. We've seen the romance element applied to role playing games, platformers, and as we've seen with a couple of games last month, puzzle games.

To participate, use the hashtag #DatingSiMonth for your dating sims, or games where you can directly get involved with one of the characters. If you've followed the Community Game-Along, you know what to expect, as this is one of @apricotsushi's main four themes. And if the examples below aren't enough, you can look at the round-up page for last year's #DatingSiMonth.


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