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#MetroidvaniaMay is not a brand new theme to the Community Game-Along, as it was around during the first couple of years. But now it's back in celebration of the 35th anniversary years of both the Metroid series, and the Castlevania series. Games about exploring entire environments, and developing your skills to advance further into your surroundings. Metroidvania is also used to describe games that follow the same adventure platformer formula inspired by the Metroid series, and certain Castlevania titles like Symphony of the Night or Aria of Sorrow. 

To participate, use the hashtag #MetroidvaniaMay on any Metroid game, any Castlevania game (you can even play the linear/strictly action Castlevania games if you like), or any other game that fits the Metroidvania genre. The examples below include some non-Metroid and non-Castlevania games labeled as Metroidvania titles if you need some help figuring out where to start. Take your time with this one, as Metroidvania is all about exploration. You can also check out the streaming now page for even more examples if you're a Game Pass, PS Now, or Switch Online member.

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