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#Shmuptember, a theme devoted to all things shoot 'em up. Originally introduced in 2014, with the term originally coined by @daswhalebeard,but has not been used by the Community Game-Along since. BUT, #Shmuptember stuck around, and was shared among fans of the shmup genre every year. Now, in 2021, #Shmuptember is a Community Game-Along endorsed theme once again.


The shoot em' up genre tests your reflexes and timing in a way that may seem overwhelming to some. But underneath the thousands and thousands of bullets hurling towards you at varying speeds, is a genre of gaming that challenges your skills non-stop. And after that, one of two feelings. A sense of dread, or a sense of euphoric fulfilment knowing that you survived a shmup. 

To participate, use the hashtag #Shmuptember on a shmup. Space shooters, run and gun shooters, basically a horizontal or vertical scrolling game where bullets are flying at you, and you're flying bullets at your enemies. All non-stop. Good luck. Theme brought back to the Community Game-Along by Geek to Geek Media's @Capsulejay.


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