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#HorrorGameOct, the second biggest theme of the Community Game-Along. Is it because horror and October go hand in hand? Yes. But it is also how universal this theme truly is. Yes there are horror games. Some are definitely scarier than others. But you can also enjoy the aesthetic of horror in nearly every game genre. This appeal is what attracts so many people into playing a large number of games fitting the theme. 

To join, use the hashtag #HorrorGameOct for your choice of horror flavor. You want something terrifying? You want the aesthetic of horror? Want both? We got you covered. Show us your jumpscare reactions. Show us easy ways to support this theme. Dare us to embark in the most terrifying aspects of this theme. But most importantly, learn about all the different people you will likely see using this hashtag. Maybe you'll find a new mutual, or content creator. No tricks here. All treats!