2022 Community game-Along masteR LIST



Doujin Soft




Dating Simulators


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Dead Franchise Games


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Bandai Namco Games


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Platformer Games




LGBTQ+ Games




Japanese Role Playing Games


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Action Role Playing Games




Shoot 'Em Ups




Horror Games




Visual Novels


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Adventure Games


Since 2014, the Community Game-Along event has hosted and promoted by Chic Pixel's Anne Lee as a way to clear out your backlog of games, to promote under-appreciated genres/creators, to amplify gamers of all backgrounds, or a combination of the above.

To participate in the monthly Game-Along, just pick at least one game that fits the theme to play during the month. After that, the rest is up to you. Stream it, record it, write about it, or simply talk about it. Use the currently active hashtag, and the game you play, as well as your way of promoting that game will be showcased here.

At the end of the month, a review round-up will be posted summarizing all of that theme's posts/events in one convenient location. All in all, the Community Game-Along is about having fun, and bringing different gaming communities together!

The hosts


Anne lee



Anne Lee writes about Japanese pop culture, podcasts, and produces video content about all things cute and nerdy at Chic-Pixel.com. She also works as a Japanese to English translator and academic researching girls' media and culture in Japan. Her journey into gaming began when Final Fantasy VII showed her that games could have really expansive worlds, incredible scores, and fascinating storylines.


event organizer +

Lead Streamer


Caspulejay, whose journey to gaming began when his Grandma introduced him to Donkey Kong at the age of three, is a part time streamer with a full time passion for the past, present, and future of gaming. Whether it's through his Tales from the Backlog, or through his affiliation with the Geek to Geek Media Network, he always finds new and exciting ways to express the love and fun of gaming.



lead host + Web design


As the producer of the M Disk Playlist, MDi combines his passion to create videos with his love for video games, and video game music. The concept of the M Disk Playlist was inspired by Yasunori Mitsuda's works on games like Chrono Trigger and Xenogears (where the name "M Disk" originated from). Since then, Nitro has continued to seek new opportunities to bring gamers together through his content.

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Jan- Nihon Falcom
Feb- Dating Sims
March- Monster Hunter
April- Atlus
May- Metroidvania
June- Puzzle Games
July- JRPGs
Aug- Platformers
Sept- Shoot 'Em Up Games (Shmups)
Oct- Horror
Nov- Nippon Ichi
Dec- Doujin Games


Jan- Rhythm Games
Feb- From Software
March- Monster Hunter
April- Yuji Naka
May- Visual Novels
June- Fighting Games
July- JRPGs
Aug- Point & Click Adventure
Sept- Spike Chunsoft
Oct- Kusoge
Nov- Natsume
Dec- Yoko Shimomura 


Jan- Dating Sims
Feb- Fishing Games
March- Monster Hunter
April- Yuzo Koshiro
May- Metroidvania
June- Media Tie-in games
July- JRPGs
Aug- Platinum Games
Sept- Strategy Games
Oct- Horror
Nov- Erotic Games
Dec- Hudson Soft


Jan- Dating Sims
Feb- Fashion Games
March- Monster Hunter
April- Grasshopper Manufacture
May- Intelligent Systems
June- Puzzle Games
July- JRPGs
Aug- Mech Games
Sept- Strategy Games
Oct- Horror
Nov- Visual Novels
Dec- Michiru Yamane


Jan- Fighting Games
Feb- Dating Sims
March- Monster Hunter
April- Musou Games
May- Manami Matsumae
June- Rhythm Games
July- JRPGs
Aug- Action RPGs
Sept- Stealth Games
Oct- Horror
Nov- Visual Novels
Dec- Doujin Games


Jan- Disney Games
Feb- Dating Sims
March- Monster Hunter
April- Farming Games
May- GameFreak
June- Ryu Ga Kotoku (Yakuza) Studio
July- JRPGs
Aug- Fighting Games
Sept- Sports Games
Oct- Horror
Nov- Visual Novels
Dec- Puzzle Games


Jan- Platformers
Feb- Dating Sims
March- Yasunori Mitsuda
April- Capcom
May- Music Games
June- Racing Games
July- JRPGs
Aug- Fighting Games
Sept- Sonic Team
Oct- Horror
Nov- Visual Novels
Dec- Adventure Games


Jan- Puzzle Games
Feb- Dating Sims
March- WayForward
April- Capcom
May- Metroidvania
June- Fashion Games
July- JRPGs
Aug- Sci-Fi Games
Sept- Shoot 'Em Ups (Shmups)
Oct- Horror
Nov- Visual Novels
Dec- Simulators